Awesome Ideas for Buying a Hippie Dress in a Boutique

Claires Regalos

If you are in need of spicing up your wardrobe then you can try out the hippie look. Hippie costumes can do well during the Halloween season and can be great for costume parties within the neighborhood. Ensuring that you select the correct attire is important in making the hippie look work. Here are a few guidelines to help you in your endeavor.

The colors you choose need to be psychedelic in nature. This is because these colors are preferred the most by hippies. Psychedelic colors make the outfits to stand out and look good. Try as much as possible to use a wide range of colors including green, yellow, swirling blue among other colors. These colors give your appearance the finest hippie look and make you stand out. You can find more color options from the hippie boutique site.

You can use a headband to accessorize your hippie look. It is an appropriate accessory for both men and ladies. The headbands can also be used with other accessories or decorations to help it become more stylish and to stand out.

If you decide to pick a trouser ensure that you pick a fared one. The bigger the flares the better the hippie look. The color of the trouser also needs to stand out in order to make a statement. Big flares make the effect of the wind to be felt easily. Flared trousers and the hippie look go along well with a moustache for the men. Ensure that you find a moustache that looks real or you can decide to grow one. Moustaches are available in many costume stores.

Sunglasses are a good accessory to go along with the hippie look. The best design of sunglasses to go with this look is the circle sunglasses. Glasses that are tinted red or orange are also preferable over others. Flowers are another good accessory to go with the hippie look. You can use as many as you feel work well with your look and place them at different points on your attire. Flowers add a touch of hippie life to your attire and make you stand out. You can also learn more about hippie clothing by checking out the post at

For the hippie girl you do not need to feel limited to long skirts or bohemian clothing. You can also choose to wear mini-skirts. This will enable your appearance to be transformed as though you have come from earlier and simpler times. Dressing up as a hippie can be fun and make one feel and look younger. The costume is however not everything since you need to also talk and act as one.